Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sale Pricing on Outdoor Gear You Would Be Hard-Pressed to Find Anywhere Else

Yesterday, I was introduced to a website that sells all sorts of outdoor clothing, shoes, and gear at deeply discounted prices.  The name is The Clymb.  For the rest of today and tomorrow, you can order Merrell footwear at a significant savings.  For those of you familiar with Merrell shoes, they run anywhere from $90-$120.  I just bought my daughter a pair for nearly 50% off.  This is the first time I have found sale prices of this magnitude on Merrell shoes.

The Clymb offers significantly discounted "everyday" pricing on all of their inventory.  They also have what are called "flash sales," lasting for a maximum of few days, that offer an even deeper discount (they provide a countdown clock on the flash sale page so you know how long you have to order at those prices, which I found very convenient).  When you go to the site, you register to become a member, at no cost, and then you have access to their website where you can browse the different categories and view their pricing on each item.

I don't often promote retail sites, but this one is too good to not pass along.  Check them out!

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