Thursday, May 9, 2013

Post Run Thoughts

Post run, Thursday…

Today was tough.  Not bad.  Just tough.  My legs felt better than on Monday (on Monday they felt very heavy) and my stride felt pretty good.  It was a beautiful day out, with lots of sun, little wind, and I was accompanied by my 12 year old daughter today.  We ran the first full 2.4 mile loop, then walked about the first 3/4 of a mile on our second lap, picking up the run again and completing the rest of the loop at a run.  We made the decision to backtrack a little over half a mile to see where my husband and my sons were on their runs.  When we did not see them, we decided to head back to the starting point to wait for them.  We walked the rest of the way and completed 6 miles.

My nasal passages opened up on the run and I felt good.  I think what felt tough today was my breathing.  I felt raspy and breathing hurt my throat, as well as my nose.  Everything felt raw.  I suppose rightly so since my immune system is still strengthening as all of the runner’s crud symptoms continue to dissipate.  I don’t know when my breathing will return to normal, but I will be back out there tomorrow, going for a five mile run, pushing my body and strengthening my mind.  I don’t know what my throat and nose will feel like, but that’s okay.  I will take this one day at a time.  I may fall short on my pace of previous runs until everything clears up, and that’s okay too.  My pace will come back.  So will my distance.  I will just continue reiterating to myself that this is a one step at a time kind of thing.  Setbacks will occur.  But, so will great advances.

In thinking back on my earlier post about perspectives, I have to say, I have had ten solid weeks of fantastic training.  One week of less than stellar training is a tiny drop in the bucket that I will not let overshadow those other ten weeks.  So, I will keep pushing on and keep running, trusting in the training, trusting in the resting, and, most importantly, trusting in myself to know what my body needs.


  1. I like your big picture view of your training and I can relate as I've been struggling with a sore throat. Not sure if its allergy related or what but I definitely notice it when I run. Keep up the good work Shannon!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Jimmy. I work really hard to keep everything in perspective and to keep that big picture right in front of me, so I don't get caught up in the negative cycle of putting things off until tomorrow. I use my blog to facilitate keeping that big picture in mind and to keep track of thoughts and ideas I have, so I have a written log of "daily reminders" to myself! I hope the sore throat is on it's way out the door.